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Workers' Compensation

"All-in-One" Workers' Compensation at Fireman's Fund combines statutory workers' compensation with SmartCARE® to help employers meet their obligations in the most cost effective way.

Fireman's Fund has a long history of providing work comp coverage and is committed to offering the most cost-effective loss management services. "All-in-One" Workers' Compensation combines many employee benefit coverages in one no-fault product.


"All-in-One" Workers' Compensation Coverage
With few exceptions, employees trade these benefits for the right to sue employers for workplace injuries.

  • Medical reimbursement without co-pay or deductibles
  • Loss of earnings, and in most states, loss of earning capacity
  • Death benefits for spouse.


Fireman's Fund provides workers' compensation and employers' liability nationwide and international through our International Allianz Network Program.   

At Fireman's Fund, we also add SmartCARE, our state-of-the-art loss management program helping prevent accidents and controlling the cost of those that do occur. Begun as managed care entered work comp in the early 1990s, SmartCARE goes far beyond the basics.

SmartCARE is comprehensive and cost-effective. It is composed of a variety of components, including those thought of as traditional managed care techniques, as well as other pre- and post-injury cost containment measures. Learn how a smart, managed care approach to workers' compensation can save you money.

To learn more, contact a > Fireman's Fund independent agent.


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